Shanghai: Explosive Growth
Client—Forum for Urban Design
Production—Regal Printing
6 inches by 8 inches, 64 pages

The second city for focus by the Forum For Urban Design was Shanghai, a city that has seen remarkable growth in the last ten years. It is noted that over 75 percent of Shanghai's historic building fabric has been demolished and replaced in the last ten years. Discussion turns on whether this is good for the city, or merely the inevitable outcome of rapid change. (Re: Wim Wenders' comments on the nature of change and the necessity of voids within the urban fabric.)

The publication features nine panoramic photographs by Edward Burtynsky of Shanghai in transition. These images are interleaved throughout the book on gate-folded pages, which give unobstructed views of the images. However, the images are folded so they are revealed, rather than concealed, by the fold. In this way the images begin to relate to one another rather than being isolated in white wrappers. The book has an effect of incongruence just as the city does.
Thumb / Luke Bulman
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