LentSpace identity
Client—Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) is a non-profit organization that finds space for artists to practice in New York City. By partnering with real estate organizations and other land owners that have fallow space that would normally go unused.

LentSpace is a project of LMCC that created a "meantime" use for a site scheduled for development in 3-5 years. Located at the convergence of Canal, Varick and Sixth avenue, LentSpace acts as platform for art exhibition and performance.

The LentSpace identity makes use of the unusual shape of the site from an aerial perspective. By encircling the shape references city navigational systems and creates a logo which can be applied easily in a number of situations. This logo is paired with a stencil typeface that reinforces the transient nature of LentSpace.

The logo finds itself used across a number of applications: programs, postcards, and screen uses.

Thumb / Luke Bulman
220 36th Street, Suite 527b/Unit 26
Brooklyn, New York 11232
+1 718 233 4389

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