Client—Soundscreen Design
Visual identity—Hand Held Heart
13, 20, 26, 32, 40 inch lengths

Soundscreen Design is a product design company that designs, produces, and distributes music related products such as books and prints, apparel, and housewares. ReFrame is a super-simple, elegant, glassless poster and print framing solution, introduced by Soundscreen, that is manufactured in three finishes and five sizes.

The design of the packaging for this glassless poster system was influenced by our ongoing interest in triangular solutions; they provide a strong structural shape, can be stacked easily and in this particular instance, complimented Hand Held Heart's visual identity that makes ample use of the circle. Instructions for assembly are on the exterior and a window allows the frame to be seen without opening the package.
Thumb / Luke Bulman
220 36th Street, Suite 527b/Unit 26
Brooklyn, New York 11232
+1 718 233 4389

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