The Greatest Grid
Client—Museum of the City of New York
Location—New York
Collaboration— Cooper Joseph Studio

The 200th anniversary of the Commissioners' Plan for the island of Manhattan was the opportunity to reflect on large plans where the design while bold, would take decades to reach a point where the plans genius would be seen. The grid: open, extensive, incomplete. Our work entailed reminding us that while Platonic in inspiration, the grid, in its 1:5 block proportion and differentiated street/avenue proportion is actually a very specific device. The graphic identity embraces this device and uses it as an organizational device within the exhibition, with each section receiving a color coding. In this way the exhibition is an analog of the city itself.
Thumb / Luke Bulman
220 36th Street, Suite 527b/Unit 26
Brooklyn, New York 11232
+1 718 233 4389

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