Everything Must Move
Client—Rice School of Architecture
Production—Regal Printing
170 by 240 mm, 488 pages, flexi bound

Everything Must Move isn't about idealizing the city, its about engaging it. This book documents a decade-and-a-half of propositions about the suburban city in general, and Houston in particular on the occasion of the retirement of Lars Lerup, dean of Rice School of Architecture. While the book is archival in nature, we asked current and past students, faculty, and visitors to Rice School of Architecture to contribute fresh material until the last possible moment before going to press. This editorial flexibility keeps the book "loose" in its view and nature, forestalling closure and finality. In a way, this approach reflects the optimism of the school's project: to embrace the improvisational and prepare to find an opportunity to intervene whenever and wherever it might arise.

This body of material required an organizational principle to sort ideas, but we wanted one that would productively—even promiscuously—make connections among the kaleidoscope of work drawn from a 15-year history. The book is organized into clusters that are roughly analogous to the typological geography of the contemporary city, in general, and Houston, in particular. This organizing principle produces surprising juxtapositions, and some possible contradictions, yet presents with clarity many of the issues raised by the interactions of architecture and the metropolis.

The book proceeds on eight realizations and their design principles:
1. Anything can be next to anything
2. It will be attenuated, vaguely amorphous
3. It will be punctuated, as in a stim; then, by extension will necessarily have dross
4. It will be real, warts and all
5. It will be poly-vocal, a product of many collaborations
6. It will not have zoning
7. It will be incomplete
8. It's form will be driven by the project's economics

In the end, it is our hope that this book will open the ideas produced during this period to a wider audience. While always familiar with the ideas being explored at other schools, Rice always has its own approach to dismantling them. In reassembly some parts needed to be customized, jacked up, spray-painted, or just simply discarded in order to work in such a place as Houston—shapeless, polluted, traffic-clogged, water-logged, limitless. In retrospect, we think that process was pretty spectacular.

Everything Must Move was edited and designed at Thumb, whose primary members are alumni of Rice School of Architecture.

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