International Architecture Biennale, Rotterdam 2009
The Arsenal of Exclusion/Inclusion

Client—Interboro Partners
Print production—iPlot
Shelf fabrication—Maxwan
169 A4 size pages bound leporello style and unfolded
142 images of various dimensions
Custom-fabricated, galvanized steel shelf and picture rail,
approximately 138 feet long

“Open City: Designing Coexistence,” the theme of the 2009 International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam, prompted the American coalition, led by Interboro Partners, to respond with a proposal entitled “Community: The American Way of Living.” As the graphic designers for the American section of the exhibition, we were asked to design a book that catalogs all of the various mechanisms, devices, covenants, and by-laws that work to make our cities and communities either more inclusionary or more exclusionary. The resulting display is a 138-foot long “open book” with related images displayed on a picture rail above.
Thumb / Luke Bulman
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