O.D.D. (Open Directional Device)
Client—Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
Production—Thumb, with assistance from Adam Kleinman, Paul Poggi, Shoko Tagaya, Carolyn Thomas
Installed at LentSpace, Canal Street and 6th Avenue, New York, NY
2 feet by 216 feet

The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, a non-profit arts organization, recently opened their largest project to date, LentSpace, a free outdoor space for art and performance. This temporary project — made possible by the donation of an entire city block — creates an “in the meantime” activity for the vacant site while it awaits development.

Thumb developed the graphic identity, wayfinding and environmental graphic components of the project to support the public nature of the project, which can be seen here and here.

The final component of the system developed for the site was the most open-ended. Open Directional Device, or O.D.D., is a 216-foot long installation comprised of 26 two-foot by eight-foot marine plywood panels, each arrayed with 495 off–the-shelf aluminum disks typically used for tagging equipment on oil derricks. These twenty-six panels are mounted to the operable fence that encloses one edge of the site. Aside from producing a pleasant atmosphere through the reflection of light and subtle sound, O.D.D. uses color to indicate areas where fence panels are operable, thus directing pedestrians to entry points into the space.

Thumb / Luke Bulman
220 36th Street, Suite 527b/Unit 26
Brooklyn, New York 11232
+1 718 233 4389

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